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Welcome to Teacher Talk! 

(Transcript by Alissa)

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-You need pee therapy Abe

-I know, anyway, Gosh damn it! 

-Yes it’s not a podcast about toilets…  or peeing… no



-Welcome to teacher talk!

-I’m host No.1 Abe from GoGoAbeKaiwa

-and I’m host also No.1 Ben from Australia.

-Ben has been heard many times on GoGoAbeKaiwa.  His nickname is DJ Ben Key

-Toilet flush

-“Benki” is Japanese for toilet

-Yes that’s right.

-But I don’t spend a lot of time on toilets, and my music is not connected to toilets

-well actually it is.


-Because sometimes you put the sound of a toilet flushing at the end of the song

-That’s because you gave me the nickname Ben Key so I started to put the toilet flush into the songs

-You’re welcome! 

-Yeah thanks

-What a great idea

-Thank you for degrading my art.

-Anyway welcome to teacher talk!

-Let’s go!

-Alright! so in this podcast, Ben Key and I… 

-Just Ben is fine.

-…are going to have natural conversations but we are going to make an effort

-we are going to try to speak a little bit slowly, and to explain some of the expressions that we use.

-We are trying to have a natural conversation, but just at a slightly lower speed, and you listeners, hopefully, enjoy it!

-Episode 1 is a little bit serious, it’s not as silly and crazy as the other episodes

-That was kind of an introduction episode.

-Yes exactly. I felt like we had to introduce ourselves to the listeners 


-We didn’t get too crazy

-No we kept it serious and hopefully you can find out more about me. The listeners know about you, some of our listeners will know Abe from his great GoGo podcast

-It’s time to get to know the master of a toilet the genius musical mind DJ Ben Keyyyy 

-Thank you thank you

-More! More pee!!!

-You want more?  …I can’t pee if people are watching

-Does that happen to you sometimes?


-if you’re in a public bathroom

-Toilet anxiety

-Pee anxiety

-yeah “Panxiety”

-That happens to me if I’m trying to go to the bathroom (right) and suddenly someone comes into the bathroom

-You know those old men who come and they cough and spit and they look at you, It’s disgusting

-They look at you and they nod they look into your eyes

-and you’re like Ahhhh how am I supposed to pee now?

-yeah so you know my trick,

-What’s your trick?

-I imagine… I close my eyes and I imagine I’ve been drinking and I’m peeing somewhere in a public place like down next to a fence or next to a train line… because that’s a good time to pee.  That’s when you don’t care, you know?

-A public place?


-Are you saying it’s easier for you to pee in a public place?

-Yes when I’m drunk.

-than it is in a toilet?

-yeah ah no… Yes! if it’s a secret place… you know like a cat.  Cats always pee in privacy.  So I’m like a cat, I like to pee behind a tree, away from… (in the bushes) in the bushes, you know?

-I’m fine if I go into a public bathroom and there’s someone already there

-so you’re like the new guy

-if I’m the new peeer, then I can pee no problem

-I see

-But if I’m getting ready to pee and suddenly someone comes behind me…


-that kind of freaks me out and suddenly I can’t pee anymore.


-It only happens if I haven’t started yet.

-I see

-Once I start, no problem.

-Nothing can stop you.

-If I’m about to pee, “Zip Here I go!” and then suddenly this guy comes, I’m like…

-Hey you like to pee too hey?  Me too!  What you doing down there??

-I’m trying!!  God Damn it!!

-but the person who comes in they always pee so easily..they are like “look at me!” they have no problems and that makes it worse

-That’s me

-That’s you?

-That’s me

-Oh okay

-If I’m the second person…

-I see, you’re the guy who comes in and makes me uncomfortable


-You are the guy that you hate.  It’s a loop

-I hate myself

-You need pee therapy Abe

-I know… anyway…

-gosh… damn it…

-yes it’s not a podcast about toilets

-or peeing

-No, we like to joke around and we have fun together but

we are teachers, and we hope that you guys can get some educational value

from this podcast by listening to a couple of… 

-native English speakers, and long time English teachers

-Yes, so we recorded about 10 episodes or more


-so we’re going to release them quite quickly, within about a month

-we’re going to release around 10episodes, and we also recorded mini series that focuses on raising children

-The Daddy diaries

-That’s the name?

-That’s the name!

-Alright the dirty daddy diaries

-yeah so we thought it would be interesting to talk about raising children as a foreigner in Japan and do a little English podcast about it.

-yeah it’s been fun to speak about it.

-and it is an interesting situation… and I don’t feel like I’m a dad, but I am a dad.

-so you are a very unique father

-yeah I guess so.

-You’re great father

-Thank you

-You are the best!

-You don’t see the bad times

-no I’ve met your kids many times and they’re very sweet

-They are. They are too sweet little puddings

-They are

-You stay away from my children

-Anyway welcome to teacher talk!

-Here we go!  Maybe you’re walking, maybe you’re exercising, maybe you’re going to sleep.  It’s always a good time to refresh your English and improve.

-Also the dirty daddy diaries

-I think just the daddy diaries

-No dirty?

-no dirty

-okay the triple D

-double D

-The daddy diaries were actually recorded a long time ago

that was one of the first things that we recorded.

-yes and we made a few songs to go along with them which will be released somewhere at sometime in the near future.

-That’s right!

-That was fun and the songs tie, they’re connected to the theme or the topic that we’re talking about in the episode

-That’s right!

-So I hope you enjoy this new podcast Teacher Talk!!

-Let’s gooooooooooooo

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