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マジで Best Day of my Life!

pass away - 亡くなる

dig up - 掘り出す・探し出す

pitch a tent - テントを建てる

by that time - その時までに

"time heals all wounds" - 時が傷をいやす

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In episode #313 Yoshi asked me about my “bucket list”. In case you haven’t heard the episode, I’ll explain. To “kick the bucket” is an English expression that means to die. So a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you pass away.

In the episode I talked about a beautiful beach where we used to go camping every summer. I dug up some photos of our first trip there. It was in the summer of 2005. Who is that young skinny guy??

My good friend Teruki told us about a really nice place to go camping. We all had some holidays around Obon, so we packed up the car with supplies and headed out. It was much farther than I expected - almost a 3 hour drive from Sendai, just north of Onagawa.

When we arrived I was blown away! The sea was emerald green, there was a beautiful sandy beach, a giant rock right in the middle, and a little lagoon. I asked Ruke (Teruki), where are we going to camp? He said, right here on the beach! Whaaat!?? We can camp right on the beach?? That’s awesome!!!

It was a really hot summer day, and we really wanted to have a nice cold beer, but Ruke said hey! HEY! No beer until we get everything set up! So we quickly unloaded the car, pitched the tents, and set up the BBQ. By that time we were all hot and sweaty. We took the first cold beers from the cooler, and said “cheers!” I still remember how refreshing and delicious it was. BEST BEER OF MY LIFE!!

We explored the area, went swimming, climbed on the rocks, and BBQed all day and evening while listening to music. When it got dark we lit some fireworks and went for a midnight swim. I wanted to stay there forever. It’s one of my best memories in Japan.

Unfortunately that area was devastated by the tsunami in March 2011, so we haven’t been there since August 2010. Everyone there was always so friendly, and it’s very sad to think of all the good people that lost their lives. People say “time heals all wounds”, but I wonder if it’s possible after such a traumatic event for the people in that area. It feels strange to go back there for leisure and enjoyment now - it kind of seems inappropriate. On the other hand, the people up there might want travelers to come back. Anyway, I’m sure it will never be quite the same, but going back to that special place is at the top of my bucket list.

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