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F.B.B. Ep3 「発音などが気になりパニックる」- Building Confidence.


ESL level: Basic / Intermediate

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Sipping on hot morning pee... it’s Free Bird Bonus #3! (Free Bird Bonus x3) yeaaah...

Good morning! Here we go! Free bird bonus number three. maybe I’ll change the name, “free Bird bonus” - I’m starting to think it sounds kind of stupid.

Anyway, oh, there was someone who told me recently that many years ago there was a kind of belief that drinking your own Pee in the morning is actually really good for your health. is this true?? it’s sounds so crazy and gross!

when I pour coffee it just sounds like pee. It’s actually delicious caramel cappuccino coffee.

Again special thanks to Hitsuji-san who together all the listener questions. so today’s comes from episode number 26. OK and here I’ll read the question it’s in Japanese here we go. “喋るチャンスが来ていざ「よし!喋るぞ」と思うと、発音などが気になりパニックって喋れなくなってしまいます。どうしたら上達できますか? “

This a question of confidence. Now how do you build confidence...? I think Yoshi and I often say the best way to improve your English is by speaking, and especially using it in a real situation. but when a real situation comes, it can be a little stresssful you know you’re worried about making a mistake - and then you can’t speak. Even though you thought “it’s time to speak, it’s my chance! Here I go... and then the words don’t come out. now I think one of the most important things is, you have to get comfortable speaking English. You’re not going to become comfortable just by reading and knowing the words. you know you have to become comfortable with speaking so it might sound silly and crazy, but as an adult, when you’re studying the language, I do think that you must speak by yourself. if you have a partner to study with, that’s great! You know? That’s wonderful. but I think many people are studying by themselves. so you need to start using speaking as a part of your self studies.

there’s many ways to do this, you can do shadowing, oh, singing! You can learn simple English song, and just get used to getting words out of your mouth will build confidence for you. so you can shadow, you can sing, you can shadow many things. I’ve often recommended shadowing you’re favorite character in a drama series or a movie, because when they say something you’re like “wow that’s cool” and you can pretend to be them, which is kind of fun.

Another good way to both learn words and also to improve your speaking is to practice a monologue. I remember this helped Mrs. Lawson a lot. Practicing monologues. For her English classes, she had to remember one monologue each class - and a “monologue” just means you’re speaking by yourself.

Maybe you need to imagine it’s for a speech contest or something where you have to memorize the whole speech and then go up and say the whole speech with emotion and without looking at any text. so you have to completely remember it. and by doing this you’ll learn the words in the monologue and also you’ll become more confident with speaking. Because you’ll have to practice the monologue many times. so the grammar, the words, will become part of your English. As well as confidence from practicing many times and actually saying the words out loud. This is another good way. Now you don’t have to memorize a monologue from a textbook. you can also make your own monologue. Now this is difficult, and you’re English might not be perfect... but who cares? You don’t have to be perfect. so if you want to make on monologue about yourself and remember it or try to make a monologue every week, and remember the monologue every week, that might be a great way to improve your confidence.

because when you’re in a real situation perhaps you’ll be speaking about yourself. so the things that you remember from your monologue might help you a lot in real life. all right today is a short one! thank you for joining me. Have a great day!




Summer 2020

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Dirty Old Man
Dirty Old Man
Apr 10, 2020

Morning Pee story was true. I remember Sakura Momoko said or written it. Sakura Momoko is ちびまる子. Her’s husband was drunk her’s pee every morning instead his own. I believe he loves any women’s pee. He pretty crazy isn’t it?

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