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“Young Tiger” 友人のタイガ Part 2

ブログの音声を聴くには「Listen in browser」をクリックして下さい(タイガとのトークの音声は一番したにあります)

Taiga grew up in Montana state in a small city called “Missoula”. Montana is well known for having lots of nature, and not many people. Missoula is a “university city” because about 1/4 of the population are students and staff at the University of Montana.

In our second conversation Taiga tells me about Missoula, and about going to elementary school and junior high school in rural America.

Taiga had a happy childhood, but all the people he grew up around were white, so things were sometimes difficult for him being half Japanese (and named “Taiga”). His classmates were often shocked to see what was in his lunchbox.

For a few years he was bullied in school, but once he hit puberty he grew very quickly, and became the tallest kid in his class. Also he became a Tae Kwon Do master!

Try listening to the conversation below. We are careful not to talk too quickly.





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