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Fire up the BBQ!

ESL level: Basic / Intermediate

You gotta be kidding me - ふざけるなよ!

Sweet - 素晴らしい

A ton - 沢山

Big-ass - デカい

Crack open - 栓を抜く / 開ける

Fire up - 火を付ける / 機械などをオンにする

Pain in the ass - 面倒臭い

On the other hand - しかしながら / 反面に

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One of the unfortunate things about Hawaii is that most things are quite expensive. There was a famous hotdog shop called “Pukadog” near where we were staying. The hotdogs were really good, but they cost 16 dollars. 16 dollars!? For a hotdog?? You gotta be kidding me!

Anyway, we were renting a sweet house that had a kitchen and a BBQ, so we didn’t eat out very often. One of the first things we did was go to Costco! If you have a Costco members card, you can go to any Costco anywhere in the world. I didn’t know that. Costco! Hurray!!

We bought a ton of big-ass prawns along with vegetables, snacks and some other things. When we got home we cracked open some beers, and fired up the BBQ.

The prawns were delicious! It was nice to enjoy local food at our own pace. This style suits us (especially my dad) because we like to cook (especially my dad). But... to be honest, it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to cook while you’re on a holiday. You spend time shopping and preparing the food, and then you have to do dishes... Ahhh come on! It’s supposed to be a holiday! On the other hand, we could afford to do a lot of other cool stuff because we saved money by not eating out all the time!





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