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Episode 300 in Okinawa! Thank you for the support. m(_ _)m 3. The Ocean


ESL level: Beginner / Basic

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On the first day I arrived in Okinawa, the weather was rainy and a little cold! Not as cold as Sendai of course, but Yoshi said it‘s cold for Okinawa.

I was really excited to go to the ocean and swim, so it made me a little worried. After the first day the weather got better. It was still cloudy and it rained a little, but it was warm!

Finally it was my chance to go swimming! We went to the closest beach to downtown Naha. It is called “Naminoue Beach”. It is not the most beautiful beach in Okinawa because you can see a bridge / highway above the water.

I didn’t care about that. It’s Okinawa baby!! I just wanted to get in the water and go swimming! DON’T TRY TO STOP ME!

英会話 リスニング / シャドーイング ビギナー / ベーシック レベル




Summer 2020


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