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Episode 300 in Okinawa! Thank you for the support m(_ _)m 5. Heading home.


ESL level: Basic

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On the last day of my trip Yoshi and I woke up a little bit late. We had to rush to get out of the Air BnB before the checkout time. My flight was in the afternoon, so Yoshi took me to see a nice beach called Chura-sun beach. He said that “chura” means “beautiful” in the Okinawan dialect, “the beautiful sun beach”!

It was a really nice sunny day. We walked along the beach and talked about our Okinawa trip, and about the future. It was a nice way to end the trip to Okinawa.

Yoshi had lessons to teach, so he drove me to the airport a little early. It gave me plenty of time to buy some souvenirs. When I checked in, they said the flight was delayed because of a “bird strike”. I guess that means the plane hit a bird..? Oh no! Poor bird.

ANA gave me a 1,000yen food coupon because of the delay. I decided to get a nice steak lunch. The “88 Steak House” is famous in Okinawa. The steak was delicious, and the staff were very friendly.

After lunch, I bought cookies, pineapple cakes, and potato tarts for my coworkers, friends, and family. Then I decided to buy something for myself. I got this cool “Island Bros Okinawa” hat. “Bro” is short for “brother”, so it means “Island Brothers”. I’ve been wearing it a lot recently. It’s my new favorite hat!

We had a great time in Okinawa! Thank you for the support! m(_ _)m

英会話 リスニング / シャドーイング ベーシック レベル





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