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Episode 300 in Okinawa! Thank you for the support m(_ _)m 2. Goya


ESL level: Beginner

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I was very excited to try some Okinawa foods!

On the first day our friend (Smith) took us to a small local restaurant. He said the food there is really good.

He ordered two kinds of “Chanpuru”. One of them had a lot of “Goya” in it. I tried Goya a long time ago, but it was too bitter! I didn’t like it at all.

But the Goya chanpuru was different! It was not bitter at all!

Smith said that if it is cooked in a special way, it becomes much less bitter. He told me a good recipe. I want to try to cook Goya chanpuru.

we also tried a Goya drink - but it was EXTREMELY bitter!

英会話 リスニング / シャドーイング ビギナー レベル




Summer 2020


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