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Jamie, my older brother.


ESL level: Intermediate

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Jamie is my older brother. He’s an immigration lawyer in Toronto. He helps refugees immigrate to Canada.

Many people from poor countries want to live in Canada. Once they arrive, they can “claim asylum” in Canada - this means they feel it is not safe to return to their home country. For example, if you are a homosexual (gay) there are many countries where you can not live freely, and might be in danger, so you can “claim asylum” and immigrate to Canada! The problem is that there are people that lie and pretend just because they want to live in Canada.

Annnyway, even though he has a serious job, he’s actually very funny and silly in private. He brought a lot of cool things to make cocktails to Hawaii. We used fresh local fruit and enjoyed making all kinds of delicious drinks. My favorite was a “Moscow Mule” - it’s vodka with fresh lime and ginger syrup mixed with some ginger ale.

We used “crazy straws” to drink the cocktails. Usually these straws are for kids, but we had a lot of fun with them!

Jamie has visited Japan a few times. We always have a lot of fun. One day we walked from Nippori to Ueno, and we made a song about it called “The Nippori Stroll and the Ueno Strut” we were singing it all day and it drove our wives crazy. I hope he comes again soon.





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