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The first time in ages...

for the first time in ages - 超久しぶりに

to die for - すごく美味しい

totally sober - シラフ

give 〇〇 a lift - 車でおくってくれる

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Last weekend, I went to a restaurant for the first time in ages. My friend is the restaurant’s owner. It’s called “Zaytoon”, which means “olive” in Arabic. He serves Arabian food such as humus, falafel, lamb, and chicken.

I met 4 of my friends there, and we were the only customers. It was so nice to sit together chatting and laughing. For a few hours we forgot all about the troubles in the world, and just enjoyed ourselves.

During the Corona pandemic the owner decided to focus on take-out, so the menu was limited to only 4 dishes. We ordered everything... Twice!

The food was fantastic. My favorite is the lamb kebab with creamy white garlic sauce. Mmmm-mmmm that garlic sauce is to die for!!!

We stayed there drinking beer and whiskey for quite some time. Mrs. Lawson got worried and sent me a message... That’s when I realized how late it was... “Holy crap!! It’s 1am!!!”

The owner (my friend) was totally sober, so he gave me a lift home. What a nice guy. It was refreshing to go out to eat and drink for the first time in ages.

Almost 5 years ago, Yoshi was walking by this window when I came out and asked him to join us for a drink inside. This is where we first got the idea to do a podcast!





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