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Tyler, my younger brother.


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I have two brothers, Tyler and Jamie. Living overseas, I really miss them. The best thing about going to Hawaii was that we were able to spend a lot of time together.

First I’ll tell you a little bit about my younger brother, Tyler. He’s a physiotherapist on Vancouver island. He helps people recover from injuries and regain their strength.

He likes living on Vancouver island because there is a lot of nature there. He often goes hiking and paddle-boarding. Paddle-boarding is where you stand on a large surf board and paddle it around like a canoe. It is good exercise and has become more and more popular recently. It’s easy to fall into the water so you should be prepared to get wet!

Annnyway, Tyler used to work in a restaurant, so he’s quite good at cooking. He especially likes BBQing meat. He did a really good job cutting and cooking our steaks. Look how thick these steaks are!

People like their steak cooked differently, so it is actually quite difficult to get the timing right. He showed me a useful trick. If you touch your thumb to your index finger then poke the fleshy part of your hand, that feels like a “well done” steak. If you touch your thumb to your middle finger, then it feels like “medium”. If you do it with your ring finger, that’s “medium rare”, and if you do it with your pinky it feels like a “rare” steak. So you poke the steaks and compare it to your hand. Just make sure you wash your hands Tyler!

ビデオ: Tyler: How do you like your steak? 笑

英会話 リスニング / シャドーイング ベーシック 中級 レベル




Summer 2020


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